Pathway to Life presents in a concise and systematic way the basic Bible teachings.

It strives to offer a balanced, nondenominational ap­proach to understanding the Scriptures.

Where a biblical text can be interpreted in more than one way, this is acknowledged by presenting different views.

Conclusions are backed up by scripture references. However, it is also recognized that some biblical teachings are human­ly beyond comprehension and must of necessity remain, at least partially, a mystery.

While the range of topics is comprehensive, the size and scope of the book do not permit an exhaustive study of any one subject.

This book covers thirty-six biblical topics presented under twelve broad themes.

For each topic, three or four key aspects are addressed by covering the main points and giving a list of supporting scriptures.

To gain the most out of their study, readers are encouraged to check the scriptural references which sometimes provide additional infor­mation to what is covered in the text.

The occasional short Bible quotations in the text are from the New International Version (NIV). However, the basic thoughts and concepts are the same in all Bible translations and therefore readers can use their preferred version.

The aim of the book is to help people who desire to get better acquainted with the Word of God.

For those already familiar with the Scriptures, the book may prove a useful review of the main Bible teachings, as well as providing new or richer insights. The material can be studied individually or in small groups.

May this book answer many of the questions arising in the hearts and minds of those who seek a higher purpose in life and are drawn to the reality of the Christian life and spirituality – the pathway to life revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

May readers of all persuasions who take the time to explore this book find something of value and be edified.

Alexander Peck (December 11, 2019)

Pathway to Life -- Through the Holy Scriptures
Pathway to Life — Through the Holy Scriptures

A paperback version of Pathway to Life — Through the Holy Scriptures is currently available through for $17.00 (USD).

Note: The authors have a PDF version of the book available. However, the size of the file (95 MB) is too large for uploading on a WordPress website.