Happiness depends on your perception of and outlook on life.

Attitude is often as important as talents and abilities.

Passion will energize your work; discover what yours is.

Positiveness makes many challenges of life easier.

You are unique with special gifts to serve others; use them.


New implies a chance for fresh resolutions and beginnings.

Enthusiasm goes a long way toward achievement and success.

Wishes will more likely come true when turned into goals and objectives.


Years go by quickly; make the most of each day.

Everything changes all the time; learn to be flexible and accepting.

Appreciation is a secret to happiness and well-being.

Reflection is an important part of a well-balanced life.


Alexander and Eva Peck December 27, 2019

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New Year Wishes
Reflection: As a river rushes to the sea, 
As the sun and moon glide across the mountains of the west, 
As days and nights, hours and moments flee, 
Life flows away, inexorably.


[Photo credit: Eva Peck]