Hope – never lose hope of a positive outcome in any situation.

Acceptance – learn to accept what unfolds in life, rather than fighting reality.

Peace – try to keep a peaceful mind, no matter what arises.

Patience – be patient and gentle with all people and situations.

Yourself – live your own life, not always swayed by others’ views and opinions.


Newness – make this year a time of new beginnings and aspirations.

Effort – realize that steady, consistent effort will help you succeed.

Wisdom – take to heart and apply the good advice and wisdom of others.


Yesterday – let bygones be bygones, leaving behind past hurts and regrets.

Ethics – remember that a moral life with integrity is always the best in the end.

Appreciation – cherish each day, knowing that life can change, or end, quickly!

Results – know that thoughts, words, and actions always have consequences.


Alexander and Eva Peck December 25, 2019

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New Year Aspirations
Tormented by the summer’s heat, beings sigh with pleasure
In the clear light of the autumn moon.
They do not think, and it does not alarm them,
That a hundred of their days have passed away.
(Jigme Lingpa)