“Let us offer prayers and blessings 
for all people and all nations of the Earth. 
Let us bless that, though intense, this will also become a time 
of conscious awakening and healing for everyone. 
We know, from the lessons of history, 
that great difficulties, disasters and challenging times 
also can strengthen and unify us by dissolving the differences 
that appear to divide us.

Calamities often strengthen us internally, 
making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life.
Troubling times encourages us to work together, 
to genuinely care for each other.
Such events make us more aware of our collective strength 
when we work together as one united human family.
May we grow in unity, love and understanding.

The Lord’s Blessings be upon 
all people and nations affected at this time.
May governments and all helpers move in an inspired, 
co-operative and harmonious way,
so that collectively we are able to put right 
whatever needs to be put right within our capacity.
Our prayer is that this disease comes to an end soon.
We believe, trust, know this will happen.

This is a prayer for our entire world and its leaders. 
We pray that the greater, higher Truth which dwells inside us all
raise us up in conscious awareness of our true nature and Being
so that we become more kind, more open, 
more loving, wise, peaceful and powerful in the Truth we are. 
May we live fully in the joy of our real nature 
in accordance with the will of the Supreme God Almighty.”

~ Moojibaba

We hope you will join us in praying for the health and well-being of all who have been or will be affected by the virus, wherever they are in the world. May its growth and impact diminish quickly; may the sick recover to newfound strength; may we all use this challenging time to continue growing in ourselves, to discover the power and grace of the eternal light within us.                                            

Source: https://mooji.org/covid-19