Streamlining: Important Insights Late in Life!

In sorting through accumulated notes, books, journals, magazines, personal items, letters and cards, as well as CD’s – stored in boxes, drawers, cupboards – I became mindful of the following reflections:

  1. False underlying premise: That time would just go on endlessly!
  2. Wrong thinking: No concept of, or realization of the:
    1. Shortness of life;
    2. Unpredictability of life.
  3. Erroneous thinking: No concept of karma – specifically, the four laws of karma.
    1. No effect without cause
    2. Effect similar to cause
    3. Never loss of effect
    4. Effect expands
  4. Consequences not thought about: Did not think of the consequences of:
    1. Lack of discipline;
    2. Lack of diligence;
    3. Lack of character.
  5. Did not account for: The Internet revolution! Therefore, I stored so many notes, magazines, books, etc.
  6. Mistaken thinking: False security and comfort in accumulating and hoarding!
  7. The folly of hoarding!
    1. What for?
    2. GIVE instead!!!
  8. Brevity of life – Think deeply about.
  9. The PRESENT – This is what is important.
  10. Focus on that which goes beyond life and death – the continuity of consciousness.
  11. FOCUS: Now focus on what is really important.
  12. Understand my HABITUAL TENDENCY of hoarding.
    1.  Has its roots in childhood!
    2. I saved all my school exercise books in boxes, hidden deep in the cellar at home!
  13. Low self-esteem:
    1. I’m incomplete, not good enough. 
    2. So, I’m always striving to achieve perfection, always looking for a solution outside of myself.
  14. Oblivious to the fact of: The timeless, precious within.
  15. No concept of:
    1. Preciousness of time.
    2. Life’s shortness.
    3. Priorities in life.
  16. Realize: That one cannot take ANYTHING with oneself!
  17. ON LOAN ONLY: Everything is on loan, so to speak – for a relatively short time.
  18. STEWARDS only – Be a good steward.
  19. ON THIS EARTH: We’re only temporary guests!
  20. We’re not OWNERS!
  21. WAKE UP!!!
  22. Now be a good steward of:
    1. Time
    2. Energy
    3. Resources
  23. See what I can GIVE from now on!
  24. Learn from my dear parents:
    1. My father: He lovingly built our family home in a country town in the state of Victoria in Australia. Enjoyed it for a time. Then, the day came when he had to walk away from it – to leave it all, and go to a nursing home, where he died about two years later.
    2. My mother: Suddenly left everything one winter, later in June afternoon after lunch – when she died of a heart attack!
  25. There’s no need to hoard – give; be generous!!!
  26. When the time is up for me – I will just have to go!

Alexander Peck (October 28, 2019)

(Revised March 9, 2020)

Death and dying is a subject that evokes such deep and disturbing emotions that we usually try to live in denial of death. Yet we could die tomorrow, completely unprepared and helpless. The time of death is uncertain but the truth of death is not. All who are born will certainly die.
(Tulku Chagdud Rinpoche)